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Western Star Radiator # 608033

Vendor Western Star
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Western Star, Radiator, (IR-94476, 05-30977-000, 0525497000, 3S0539560000, 3S0539650000, 00105, 800105BT, 0525497000, 0527103000, A0527102000, A0526860002, A0526860003, MOD3S053957, MOD3S0539570000, MOD3S0539560000, MOD3S053956, A0525255000, A0525503000, A0526860000, A0526860001, A0526860002, A0526860003, A0526863000, A0526863004, A0526863005, A0526863006, A0527742001, A0527742003, A0528636002, A0528638000, A0528638001, A0528638002, A0528638003, A0529437001, A0529437002, A0529437003, A0529624000, A0529628000, A0529628001, A0529628003, A0529630001, A0530354000, A0530354001, A0530354002, A0530354009, A0530356000, A0530356001, A0530356002, A0530356003, 0130457001, 0131242001, 0131242003, 0131242004, 0131242005, MOD3S0118500000, 3S0118500000, MOD3S0137530002, 3S0137530002, 0530983003, A0526861004, 0130458001, 0531308003, 0530987001, 0530987003, FRT18142, FRT18142N, 441296) Special Bottom Tank ***LOOK AT PICTURES FOR WHICH WAY THE BOLT GO, AND WHICH BOLTS ARE LONG AND WHICH ARE SHORT, ALSO MAKE SURE TOP BRACKETS FIT AROUND TANK.