Radiator Supply House opened its doors for the first time on
March 3, 2003 at 4432 Santiam Highway in Sweet Home, OR.  When RSH first opened it was just Will and
Ryan Garrett who still run and own the company today.

Will and Ryan got their start in the radiator business from
their father Mitch Garrett who worked in the radiator industry going back to
the 70’s in Klamath Falls, OR. In 1996, Mitch had an opportunity in Medford, OR
so the family moved there and Mitch eventually bought a radiator shop that the
Garrett sons worked at during high school.

With help from their father in the fall of 2002 a proposal
was made for Will and Ryan to move to Sweet Home and open up their own radiator
shop. Mitch decided to call the new business Radiator Supply House.

By 2005 the company had just 5 employees. In 2016 that
number had grown to 30 and as of 2023 RSH has nearly 60 employees.

When RSH first opened it was just a box shop selling premade
radiators.  It wasn’t until 2006 that RSH started assembling their own radiators and in 2009, RSH put in a full fabricating facility. By 2016 RSH had outgrown their location on Santiam Highway which had 18,000 sq. ft. of building space so they purchased the 12-acre former site of Clear Lumber on 47th Avenue in Sweet Home where they still reside today and nearly doubled their building and shop space.

Up until 2022 RSH manufactured cooling systems for pretty
much any type of vehicle, machinery, equipment, and semi-trucks but have recently outgrown the vehicle industry and they now concentrate on OEM manufacturing and larger cooling systems that are needed for the construction,
logging, mining, agriculture, and trucking industries.

“When I think of the last 20 years, it has come and gone so fast. Beginning with just Will and myself, fast forward to today with 57 of us working together. I want to thank all the amazing staff that has helped RSH have 20 years of success. I also want to say a big thanks to our customers and our vendors, without you we wouldn’t be here today. While there has been plenty of ups and downs, I look forward to what the next 20 years will bring…and I’m sure it’ll go faster than the last 20. Thanks again to everyone!” -Ryan Garrett

“20 years wow, where did the time go, I remember the days of Ryan on the phone in the office and I was on the road with a suitcase and a dream. They say time flies when you’re having a good time.The RSH team has continued to get stronger each year which allows us to be more successful while having a great time together. I want to thank all of our team( past and present) and their families, vendors, and community for building RSH into a globally recognized manufacturer.I want to say Thank You for all of our customers support over the years. RSH has experienced many victories and has felt growing pains together.Together with a goal to be the best value to the customer… the next 20 years looks exciting.

Thank you for each and everyone who helped some boys dreams become reality in the small community of Sweet Home, Oregon.”-Will Garrett


Will and Ryan Garrett showing off a General Motors gen-set radiator at their dad's shop in Medford, OR in the late 1990's.

Will and Ryan Garrett after 20 years of owning Radiator Supply House in 2023.

Ryan and his father Mitch Garrett with a Caterpillar gen-set radiator at the Medford Radiator shop in the late 1990's.

Ryan Garrett working on installing a radiator into a 1956 Chevy.

Will Garrett with a well drilling machine radiator at his dad's radiator shop in Medford, OR.

The current home of Radiator Supply House purchased in 2016 and opened in 2017.