Will Garrett - President

Born and raised in the radiator industry Will worked at his father’s industrial radiator shop. Will learned all aspects and became a natural at sales and service. Today as co-owner of Radiator Supply House with his brother Ryan they work great as a team, discussing their ideas and visions together to bring a better product and service to the industry and meet the needs of their customers. You can find Will anywhere in the office working on marketing strategies, trade shows, outside sales, or going right to the jobsite to help with ideas and cooling concerns. Will enjoys discussing better ways to improve cooling for unique situations. Will loves a challenge and has the knowledge to solve those specialty cooling concerns.

Ryan Garrett - Vice President

Also born and raised at his father’s industrial radiator shop, Ryan worked at the shop during high school and then full time after he graduated. He worked all aspects of an industrial radiator shop and became very talented at building heavy equipment radiators. Today as co-owner of Radiator Supply House with his brother Will, Ryan makes sure the business flows smoothly on a daily basis. Ryan is often referred to as “The Wizard of Radiators”, with a catalog between his ears he can generally quote you a part number for a 90’s SAAB, Hitachi 120 excavator or a late model Kenworth. Growing up in a heavy equipment radiator shop there were many times the radiator in his hands was someone else’s livelihood and he understood he had to make it happen for the customer. Today, with fast turnaround times and a well trained eye for quality, customers can rest assured they will get the best service and quality for their money.



Vance - Sales Manager

Vance has been with the Radiator Supply House family since December of 2009, making him the longest standing salesman at RSH, and our current Sales Manager. He was originally hired to work in the freight department, handling inbound and outbound shipments, and making sure units were being assembled on time for him to ship out. About a year later, after proving his dedication to RSH and hard work ethic, Will approached him about joining the sales team. It also didn’t hurt that Vance had a bachelor’s degree in IT advanced networking, which now allows him to diagnose and fix most in-house problems with the computer system. Vance also pioneered the RSH eBay store in 2010, allowing us to sell some of our most rare and unique units to a broader range of customers. It has been the friendly atmosphere and the potential for professional growth, coupled with Vance’s competitive spirit, that has allowed him to grow into the leader and outstanding salesman that he is today. When he isn’t selling at RSH, Vance spends his time training for body building competitions and building performance PC’s from the ground up. With an abundance of personal and professional strength, he is sure to be able to solve all your cooling needs!


Marcus - Sales Representative

Meet Marcus. A Sweet Home native with a long career in automotive joined our team in September of 2020. A natural people-person, he always wants to make people laugh and have a good time. He can slam a revolving door. If opportunity knocks and he’s not home , opportunity waits. If he mispronounces your name, you'd feel compelled to change it. Sasquatch has taken a photograph of him. He can speak French. In Russian. His enemies list him as their emergency contact. He has inside jokes with complete strangers. He once had an awkward moment just to see how it felt. His two cents is worth $37 in change. The last time he flirted with danger, danger got clingy. Needless to say, he's a pretty interesting guy.



 Nikki - Sales Representative

Nikki joined Radiator Supply House as a Sales Representative at the start of 2022. Initially, her role involved managing the company's online forums and website chats. However, she has since expanded her responsibilities to include traditional sales. Nikki has a sales background and enjoys taking on new challenges, such as learning about new products and procedures, as well as trying to sell products that customers may not have known they needed. Despite growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Nikki, her husband, and their family have now made Sweet Home their home.


Randy - Sales Representative

Born in 1986 and hailing from the charming town of Sweet Home, Randy's journey through life has been one fueled by adrenaline and music.  For years, the roar of dirt bikes filled his days, but a recent shift led him to conquer the exhilarating world of downhill mountain biking. When he's not conquering treacherous trails, Randy's ears are tuned to the heart-pounding rhythms of metal music.  It's a genre that matches his adventurous sprit perfectly. And when he needs a break from the action, you'll find him in front of the screen, captivated by the escapades of Cleetus McFarland.  Randy's a man of many passions, and each one adds a unique thrill to his remarkable journey through life.

-Created by Chat GPT  


Angelique - Office Administrator

Angelique started working for Radiator Supply House in May of 2005. Starting out when the company was still evolving into the nationwide business it is today. Angelique was tasked with recording all of the days’ shipments and accounting. She made shipping labels and documented manifests to ensure quality and promptness with all of Radiator Supply House’s products. This allowed the shipping department to maintain focus on actual product safety and meeting deadlines. With Radiator Supply House consistently growing, the shipping department expanded to include all duties related to shipping and this allowed Angelique to apply her knowledge to accounting, and dedicate her work schedule to the accounting and secretarial jobs of Radiator Supply House. She has helped Radiator Supply House evolve, and she has grown as well, because of this she is comfortable and confident with her abilities to answer any billing questions. She oversees all of Radiator Supply House’s accounts, and is always willing and ready to help meet customer demands.


Jamie - Accounts Receivable Specialist

Jamie is one of the latest additions to the Radiator Supply House team, where she manages accounts receivables, starting as a Customer Service Representative and quickly ascending to her current role. Jamie is a dedicated mother of four wild boys and two dogs. She finds joy in crafting and delving into books during her downtime. With a deep-rooted connection to the Willamette Valley, Jamie spent most of her previous days in customer service and daycare, shaping her exceptional people skills and nurturing disposition. When not crunching numbers, you can find her cheering on her boys at the ball field, soaking up the contagious energy of the game and making unforgettable memories along the way.

Bryant - Production Manager

Bryant Darby started his career at RSH in the summer of 2011, in the bolt together shop. There he learned the ins and outs of assembling all sorts of radiators. He soldered, put together, fixed, tested, and built the shipping crates for every bolt on radiator the shop produced. After four years of hard work Bryant was asked to give his hand at fabricating the radiator parts themselves in the steel shop. There he quickly showed promise and was then moved into the aluminum shop. His strong math skills and attention to detail, paired with a desire to create the best possible product made him a very strong asset to the team. After training a large portion of incoming employees, and when the opportunity presented itself, Bryant let Will and Ryan know that he had 7 years of product and procedural knowledge that would be of greater value in a more managerial position. Will and Ryan agreed. Now Bryant spends his day making sure the shop runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible while helping the fabricators with any and all questions. He is also the link between the office and shop if they need to know a timeframe for shipping and what his guys need to do their job. Rest assured, Bryant will make sure the job gets done right.

Karee - Logistics Specialist

Karee has been one of our Lead Customer Service Representatives since 2017. She comes from the corporate world of banking as well as owning her own business. She adheres to our “old school mom and pop” mentality. We love that she works side by side with the sales team. She does a great job greeting customers at our Global Headquarters, arranging shipping, tracking parts and speaking with customers on the phone. We appreciate her being part of our business and that she always goes above and beyond the needs of our customers.

Adam - Inventory Manager

Adam has been with us since May of 2018 but came to us with a lot of knowledge and experience in his field. Before working with us, he worked grocery retail for 10 years, 5 of those years he was in a management position and 3 of those 5 years he managed his own store. In those 10 years he was able to gain a vast knowledge in Inventory management, developing buyer/vender relationship, along with cost and numbers analysis. When not at work he is a husband, a father of two, a coach for his daughter’s sports teams and a student at the University of Oregon State majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting.

Guy - Human Resources Manager

Guy joined the RSH team in 2020 after retiring from the fire service. He started his career with us as Maintenance Technician with a background from the fire service in building grounds and vehicle maintenance. He initially joined us because he enjoyed the team culture at RSH and being around the people here. Guy has recently taken on a new roll with us as Human Resource Director and is also responsible for coordination of maintenance and safety. He enjoys helping people and has a background in multiple areas of management including 30 years in emergency response, training and safety, including 15 years as a Battalion Chief managing people and emergencies with our local fire district, as well as throughout Oregon, Washington and California as a wildland Strike Team Leader. He believes we should do everything with passion and values honesty and integrity. Guy enjoys archery hunting, fishing and working on project cars.


Jacob - Production Foreman

Jacob joined the RSH team in May of 2016 after leaving a leadership position in the fast-paced world of manufactured home production. With a background in carpentry, mechanics, and the desire to learn, Jacob started as a fabricator/welder in our steel department. Catching on quickly with welding steel Jacob turned his sights to TIG welding, learning on his free time. Soon enough a position came open in our Aluminum department and Jacob took the spot. Before long he started tackling “ICEBOX” aluminum jobs to further hone his welding and fabrication skills. Eventually earning a 2nd place finish in our SEMA Icebox build off and completing many show builds. As we grew Jacob undertook the development of our newly found Fab Department, with his experience in both production and management he was able to set the groundwork for the department to grow into what it is today. During his time there Jacob learned and took over our 2D drafting and coded jobs for our CNC plasma. After handling more and more day to day responsibilities and crazy company growth it’s only fitting that Jacob ended up again moving up to Production Foreman. Today you can find him focusing on job flow, organization and streamlining. Working with our Production Manager to get you the product you need when you need it.




Jeremy - Marketing Specialist

Originally from Arkansas, Jeremy, his wife and dogs made the move to Oregon in 2018 looking for a change and new opportunities. Jeremy’s previous work experience was in photography, marketing, and the grocery world so while living in Salem, OR he quickly worked his way into the Marketing Director position at a local grocery store. After working there for over 3 years, much of which was through the pandemic, Jeremy and his family were ready for another change in finding their forever home, hopefully in a small quiet and beautiful town with a few acres that would still be close enough to his wife’s job in Corvallis. They found exactly that here in Sweet Home. After not working for months while fixing up their previous home to sell and moving into their new home, Jeremy was ready to start working again but not just anywhere. He wanted to find a company he could believe in, so when he saw the open position for a marketing specialist at Radiator Supply House he immediately applied. It was the only job he applied for, and it turned out to be a perfect fit. At RSH you will find Jeremy working on our adverting strategies, updating our website, designing our emails and event flyers as well as much more like putting up with his boss Vance and all his shenanigans.



Tye - Social Media Specialist

Here at Radiator Supply House Tye helps add a creative perspective towards our social media and promotion. He’s the one working on and posting the behind the scenes videos and photos that you see here on our Website and Socials. Tye enjoys showcasing our values that we have here at Radiator Supply House. He was born and raised here in Sweet Home, OR as a fifth generation Moore. He has a passion for sports and law enforcement which he pursued in college. Although with the pandemic it guided him into a profession in media and marketing. Instead of playing football Tye now coaches football at our town's local High School and enjoys spending his time outdoors hunting and taping his experiences outside of work.