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Ford L-8000 Radiator # 600074

Vendor Ford
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Product Description

Ford, L-8000, Radiator, 2 1/4'' Top Hose, 2 1/2'' Lower Hose, ***** USE CORE # A-C1003 ***** ***** ASK WITH or W/O OIL COOLER! ***** '75-'86

OEM Part #:

RFD992, E4HZ8005N, 9111, E7HT8005SA, E4HZ8005J, EDE7HT8005RA, EDE7HT8005SA, EDE7HT8005VA, ED2D8HT8005AB, ED2D8HT8005CB, ED3D8HT8005AB, E32D8HT8005CB, E7HT8005RB, E7HT8005SA, E7HT8005SB, E7HT8005VA, E7HT8005VB, E8HT8005ASA, E4HT8005MB, E4HT8005SB, E4HZ8005N, E4HT8005LB, E3HT8005DDA, E3HT8005DDB, E7HT8005RA, E3HT8005DEB, E3HT8005DEA, E3HT8005DCB, E3HT8005DCA, E3HT8005ATC, E2HT8005FA, E2HT8005EA, E1HT8005MA, E1HT8005CA, E1HT8005BA, E0HT8005BBA, E0HT8005BAA, E0HT8005ABAA, E0HT8005AAAA, D8HT8005CB, D8HT8005AB, 1R2126, ED3D8HT8005CB, D8HT8005AA, F0HT8005BBA, E3HT8005ATA, E4HT8005LA, E4HT8005LC, E4HT8005MA, E4HT8005MC, E4HT8005RA, E4HT8005RB, E4HT8005RC, E4HT8005SA, E4HT8005SC, E7HT8005UA, E7HT8005UB, E1HS8005BA, E1HS8005CA, 437376S