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Ford F650, 750 Radiator # 600070

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Ford / Sterling, B700, B800, F650, F750, Radiator, (RFD40 O/C-J Feedlot, 239413, 437202S, 9000-18ST, 900018ST, TR9413, ABPN2020011523, FLX000139, HDC010043, F81Z8009EB, F5HZ8009FC, F6HZ8009BCA, XC3Z8005BA, FB500OC, SRK7202, 20011523, FOR18, F7HZ8009BAA, F7HZ8009AYA, F7HZ8009ADA, F7HZ8005TA, F7HT8009AYA, F5HZ8009DD, F5HZ8009DC, F5HZ8009BC, 3AH001420, 1SA00110R, 1SA00101, 1AH00031S, 1AH00012S, 081211F, 1SA0010R F5HT8009BC, F5HZ8005C) All Metal Feedlot With Oil Cooler, 2000-2003 Plastic Aluminum Version With Oil Cooler use 600096 Plastic Aluminum Without Oil Cooler use 600165 All Metal Version Without Oil Cooler use 600068 All Metal With Oil Cooler use 600069